Comviz Calendar

Export calendars from Oracle Primavera P6 to PDF in a second!

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Export calendars

The software connects to the Primavera P6 database (Microsoft SQL Server / SQL Express / Oracle Database Express Edition) and allows you to export calendars to PDF.


Comviz Calendar automatically calculates working days depending on the start day. These days do not include non-working days from Oracle Primavera P6 and the days marked as non-working. You can assign different colors and labels for the calendar days in order to create sofisticated calendars.

Save and Print

You can easily save Primavera P6 calendars and print them from PDF files

How It Works

Comviz Calendar connects to the same database that Oracle Primavera P6 uses and fetches a list of all the calendars from it.

The list of calendars includes:

  • Global calendars
  • Project calendars
  • Resource calendars

By default the date range is set to 6 months from the current date. You can change the project start date and the end date, as well as the title of the calendar.

In order to export a calendar to PDF you need to select the calendar you want to export from the list and press the "Export to PDF" button.


You can customize any calendar by assigning exception dates (Public holidays, RDO, Labour day, EID, Saint days, Army days, etc.) to it.

In order to do this you need to select the day you want to change and assign color and/or label to it.

Save and print

After you export the calendar to PDF you can open it in any PDF viewer, print it or distribute whithin your company.

You can download a sample PDF here